Hollow Body Experience is the solo/acoustic counterpart to Jason & the DazieTrain

All songs on this record were organically recorded live in Holman Ave Studio

All tracks written & performed by: Jason Ochsner

Available on CD $9.99

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"My Heart"  [Official Music Video]

After 4 years of performing & recording 3 Albums with Jason & the DazieTrain;
Jason Ochsner, Matt Lyell & George Odom have taken a break from the band.
Jason has since relocated from Richmond, VA to the Eastern Shore of VA.
He took with him a handful of unfinished songs and the idea to write an acoustic/
concept rock album.
With every song written for Jason & the DazieTrain; Jason always sourced
from an acoustic guitar. The idea was to focus on the root of the song, hoping
to give it appeal to either an acoustic or rock version.
HOLLOW BODY EXPERIENCE’s  “Dark Side Of Empty” recording; has been
Jason’s opportunity for continued growth in his 26 year span as Recording Artist.
In place of fronting a 3-piece band on guitar & vocals; this recording has Jason
performing solo, in his most organic form.

Songs written & performed by Jason Ochsner