"Money Makes us billionares,

but love makes us men."

-Jason Ochsner

After 3 Professional Bands & 7 Albums; Jason is returning with a natural approach to his songs. His new project, the Hollow-Body-Experience, is a long awaited concept of selected acoustic versions of his catalog, as well as the introduction of his newborns.

Hollow-Body-Experience is expected to release 06-07-2019.

At an early age, Jason was recognized for his ability to successfully write songs. Even though Jason approached the world as an inspiring guitar player; he found himself writing songs for the projects he was involved in. After dozens of songs, was was solicited to become a lead-singer in 1993.


Sourcing organic roots; Jason's creative passions led him to art, carpentry, composing music and writing songs from the age of 9.

From Sin to Zen

Songs written & performed by Jason Ochsner

-Born in Hanford, California; Jason Ochsner has embraced many areas of the world, both as the son of a US Naval Veteran & as a rambled musician. He is a loving son & devoted father.

Starting off professionally in 1993 as the front-man for the ESVA based Metal Band, Sindistry;  Jason has traveled & crossed many roads to be where he is today.

With an Independent Heart;  Jason has managed to successfully survive the ever changing world of music for the past 25 years.

 As a "Rock-Loving"  guitar player & vocalist;  Jason was the founding / member of Sindistry, Dazd, & Jason & the DazieTrain.

He has also played various back-ups ranging from Country to Blues.