Songs written & performed by Jason Ochsner

   "Is there something missing from all the music on the internet?"

-a talk about how energy is the most important part of music & how to receive more.

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  "Current Events"

-a brief talk about how

we can use a current event

to better our lives.


-Motivational support for fellow musicians & friends

  "When will you make it?"

-a talk about how happiness is

the key to success.

   "One of the main things that I often get wrong & why to work on it"

-a ride across the Chesapeake Bay

promoting to importance of consistency.

   "Is image affecting success?"

-- a brief talk about

image & the

key to success.

   "Is it best to be perfect?"

-- a brief discussion about

how perfection may be

effecting your growth.

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For more videos; visit our Youtube channel.For more videos; visit our Youtube channel. For more videos; visit our Youtube channel. 

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 New!   "Clean your glass"

-- a brief talk about

cleansing yourself

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