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 New!  "Knocking On Heaven's Door" [Jam]

Hollow Body Experience

In respect to the song-writing legend, Bob Dylan; Here is a short clip of Knocking on Heaven's Door. Hope you enjoy!


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 New!   [Documentary/Promo]

Hollow Body Experience

"the making of the 2nd hand of silence"

  -A great way to break the tension of recording.

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 New!  "Back To Hell Again"

[Live in the studio]

Hollow Body Experience

Practicing songs throughout the set list. It was fun to revisit, "Back to Hell Again". It was originally recorded with Jason & the DazieTrain & part of a collection of songs written during my Richmond, VA years. Hope you enjoy..

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 New!  "They Will Call" [Live in the studio]

Hollow Body Experience

A run at the song, "they will call"; from the debut album: The Dark Side Of Empty. Recorded live in the studio. -Keeping alive & looking forward to the releasing of the new album, Hope you enjoy.

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 New!  "So Heavy" [Album Visuals]

Hollow Body Experience

from  the new LP,

"the 2nd hand of silence"

-album visuals of the complete record,

-Coming soon!

Songs written & performed by Jason Ochsner

 New!    Hollow Body Experience

"Unboxing a surprise!"